The BC Bad Date and Aggressor Reporting (BC BDAR) Project is a three-year project to create a provincially integrated bad date reporting system across BC. While multiple local bad date reporting systems exist in places like Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, and Prince George, these systems aren’t linked together. Most communities in BC, especially those in rural and remote areas, do not have bad date reporting. The BC BDAR project will build a tool that incorporates all communities and sectors of sex workers in BC.

BC BDAR Objectives

  1. Drawing on a diversity and accessibility framework, assess sex workers’ experiences of violence, their support needs, and existing barriers to accessing the criminal justice system and related services across the province.
  2. Synthesize existing literature regarding violence reporting tools and practices for sex workers used across BC, Canada, and select international sites.
  3. Engage a provincial working group in the design and implementation of a provincial bad date reporting system.
  4. Compile and deliver the legal education needed to support successful implementation, uptake, and usage of the provincial BDAR system, as well as the response to increased reporting.
  5. Use project research findings to make recommendations for law reform.